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Our tow services are fast and affordable (without sacrificing quality), handled by professionals and are available anytime of day or night for you. If you need a truck towed, a car towed, or simply some gasoline you can rest assured that we will be there in a jiffy. Our professionals have years of experience- they know exactly what to do to make sure your vehicle can be towed with no scratching or dents- then they will tow to the auto shop of your choice- or to your home if you prefer.

We’d like to remind you that we are not like other companies out there that tend to exploit and take advantage of customers’ circumstance by charging unreasonably higher than normal fees. Our team charges reasonable prices for specific roadside services, which is why we are known as one of the most affordable tow companies in the Metro Twin Cities area and beyond. Need a tow truck? We will be there to protect you and your property. We are on the way to you.

However, our low prices do not mean that we have low-quality services. Our team believes that we could still deliver efficient, prompt, and professional services at an affordable tag price. We stand by our principles of improving the quality without burning holes down the pockets of our clients and patrons.

  • Fast Reliable Assistance
  • Our tow truck is always available. 365 Days.
  • Snow emergency

Whether you need a wrecker or simply your car towed, we are the Twin Cities most trusted company! We offer this and more service, fuel, ditch winch, accident recovery and tire replacement help. Our roadside assistance is rocket-fast.

We been helping our community for a very long time now and are happy to say that there are over 95% satisfaction rate from our services, Because when you call us for towing or wrecker service you are always our priority from the time the call comes in to the time we load up your property and deliver it to the destination of your choice, We always deliver within the time frame specified when you hire us, To earn your business for the future we will now and every time give you a very fair price and great customer service and road assistance that you need, Rest assured that there will not be any surprises in regards to the safe transportation of your vehicle, Motorcycle or Construction Equipment.

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Our company has been and remains the leading Towing Company in the Twin Cities area. Our Proficiency in a variety of roadside assistance needs and our professional approach in handling operations have resulted in a base of very satisfied customers. The next time you need a tow we hope you’ll give us the chance to show you why our clients say we’re the best recovery service in the Cities!

There are three reasons why our team deserves your trust and patronage. These include:

  • Professionalism
  • Advanced technologies
  • Affordable yet efficient operations

Our fast response times and courteous truck drivers and operators reflect our professionalism as a company. All of our staff members have undergone sufficient training with regards to responding to various roadside emergencies. They also follow a strict codes of ethics, which guides them every time they interact with different clients and customers.

Our team of tow truck operators break the common stereotype about this type of drivers and operators. These stereotypes include images of tow truck drivers as sloppy, careless, and insensitive to the needs of their clients. Here our team’s topmost priority is to provide you with efficient vehicle recovery and transport by recognizing all your needs and rights as a customer.

Meanwhile, our advanced tow trucks also make us a perfect choice for all your towing needs. Each of our tow trucks are supplied with the latest technologies for addressing roadside emergencies. Our stable flatbeds ensure the safe transportation of your vehicle from one place to another. Adjustable winches in our trucks could recover your car from any ditch or culvert. Lastly, each of our tow trucks are properly cleaned and maintained. We are one of the Best vehicle recovery company’s that uses the most hygienic and dirt-free tow trucks.

Why Trust Us?


We never fail the expectations of our customers. Our continual strive for excellence motivates us to even go beyond the expectations of our terrific clients. Your complete safety and satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our business goals also reflect how much we value our clients and patrons. We do not aim to develop our business only for earning extra income of profit. For us, what matters most is the convenience and welfare of our customers. We continuously look for better ways to deliver excellent services in order to make sure that our clients are contented and pleased with all of our operations.

As the leading company that offers efficient and prompt answers to your questions , we promise to remain true to our commitment of keeping all our clients satisfied with all our roadside services. We are ready to dedicate our lives for developing the quality services without sacrificing the quality and reliability of our specialized services.

The next time you need a tow truck, you should give us a call. Ask for our assistance and we will show you how a professional and efficient our operation is really done!



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St Paul Wrecker Service


I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt & reasonable service today, in regards to my Chevy Blazer. I will be keeping your contact info for future reference . Have a good day!

Ann Kaar

  • Wrecker Help – When you are involved a car accident, the last thing you want to think about is waiting an unreasonable period of time for a tow truck to arrive. With our Towing Company, we will be there when you need us the most. Our flat-bed tow truck is available when your car is so damaged that it can’t roll on two wheels. While you worry about whether everyone is ok, we are hauling away the debris.

  • Vehicle Recovery – You may find that you need our vehicle recovery services. When you have to abandon your car at the side of the road or if your car is disabled anywhere our Towing Company can get there quickly and safely, recover your vehicle, and take it wherever you need us to take it.

  • Emergency Towing – Unexpectedly needing a towing service can be a stressful time. At St Paul Towing, we rescue cars and drivers every day. With years of experience under our belt, we will be able to give you peace of mind as we take care of our part of the emergency.

  • Roadside Assistance – When you are stranded on the highway and it is negative 20 degrees outside, you need help fast! Call St Paul Towing! We are equipped to help and help fast. We are ready to help with mechanical problems or simply tow your car to a safe place for repairs to commence.

  • Jump Starts – St Paul and the surrounding areas are known to be quite cold in the winter. With that cold weather come dead batteries. Don’t drain your friend’s battery to get your car started! Call St Paul Towing so we can give you a professional jump start and have you on your way.

  • Winching – Ditch recovery is just not something you can maneuver out of like you may be able to with other situations. Our powerful winched trucks can quickly and safely pull your vehicle from the ditch and take it directly to where you need it. Never try to get this done with a friend and their seemingly powerful truck. You will more than likely damage their vehicle, and you could ultimately be responsible for having two vehicles repaired. *Please note: Not all of our trucks have this feature but we will get you and your car out of the jam and back to safety ASAP.

  • On the Spot Diagnostics – Our drivers have a lot of experience with different makes and models of vehicles. Often times they are able to tell you what is wrong with the car. This will give you an idea of where you should have the vehicle towed. If it is an easy fix, maybe you only need us to tow the vehicle to your house where a friend or even your self can fix the issue. If not an easy fix, you will be able to tell us what repair shop to bring the vehicle to. Either way we are ready to act, and remember to keep this number handy as you never know when you will get stranded or broken down or just need any roadside assistance, Call your St Paul Tow Truck friends here in St Paul,Minnesota. *WE are no longer able to provide this on the spot diagnosis of your vehicle, When you call us we will TOW your car to a shop of your choice or a nearby mechanic shop for service.

About The Great City Of St Paul, MN.

The landmarks in the city of St. Paul MN. have played a very important role in the development of this place. The buildings are places that have been honored by their residents and visitors for the importance they have had in the culture of the city. Here is a list of some of these landmarks:

Landmarks in the city of St. Paul Mn.

*Cathedral of Saint Paul, Minnesota was built between 1894-1898 by J.J. Hill, who named it after his favorite saint — Saint Paul the Apostle. This cathedral has become a famous landmark in St. Paul (MN).

*Holy Trinity Slovak Catholic Church, one of the beautiful churches made by immigrants from Slovakia, is located at 740 Goodrich Avenue East in St. Paul (MN). It is a part of Slovak art colony that used to be located in this place before World War II and it is still a home for many artists that settled here after the war and also for students from local universities.

*Landmark Center which used to be called Minnesota Centennial Exposition Building is an example of fine architecture that was built in 1888 for celebrating Minnesota’s 100th anniversary. It was designed by William Channing Whitney who also designed Metropolitan Building in New York City

There are many landmarks in the this great City Of St. Paul, MN.

One of these landmarks is called “The Landmark Center”. It is located on Wabasha Street and Saint Peter Street. The Landmark Center was built in the early nineteen-eighties and was built to be a convention center. The Landmark Center has three levels which include a total of 120,000 square feet of exhibit space. There are a total of 28 meeting rooms which are all multi-functional, as well as a theater area. The Landmark Center also has more than 200 hotel rooms available for guests who wish to stay overnight in St. Paul, MN.
There are a lot of interesting points of interest in the city of St Paul MN. It is up to you to visit some of them. We have so much to offer, and we love having visitors.

Some people do a pub crawl when they come here, but there are many more places than just bars and clubs. There are parks and museums, or even theaters and concerts if that is what you want. Do some research online before you go so that you will know where you want to go. This will prevent you from wasting your time wandering around aimlessly when you could be enjoying yourself instead.

The live music scene is very active in the city of St Paul MN. If this is something that interests you, then take time to check out some local bands on a Friday night at the Turf Club or the Amsterdam Bar and Hall. There are also plenty of restaurant row options for a night on the town or romantic evening out with your loved one or friends.

It is my belief that the City of St. Paul is one of the most interesting cities in the world. There are many points of interest in this city and I hope to share some of them with all who read this essay.

The St. Paul Cathedral on Jackson and 7th Ave is a beautiful church, thats been around since 1913. The inside is just as beautiful as the outside, it has three spires, many stained glass windows, and a large organ that was installed in 1933. The church has since been restored and became a part of the St. Paul Cultural Landscape Survey that happened back in 1980s



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