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As you are looking through the yellow pages or even on Google, you undoubtedly will see that Minneapolis MN Local tow truck companies are common place around here. Lucky for you, there is one tow truck company that stands out above the rest! Yes our towing company! Over the years, we have had many customers that have been stuck and afraid on the side of a vacant road. we know the importance of getting to the scene of your marooned car or truck fast!

No matter the dependability of your car or truck, there is always a looming risk of something going wrong with that car or truck at an inopportune time and place. When that happens, have our Towing Company on speed dial because we are the tow truck service in Minnesota that you can count on to be there when you are at your worst. Whether you have been in a terrible car or truck wreck or you are confronted with flat tire we can take your vehicle away from the scene. Our trucks are built to pull or carry large trucks and automobiles. Our fleet of dependable trucks are in excellent condition and we are always inspecting and properly maintaining them to avoid any emergency Delays and repairs. We fix things on our trucks before they are needed so we can help you with your car or truck ASAP.
Sometimes your car is so disabled it cannot even be dragged behind one of our tow trucks. In those cases, we need to use our flatbed truck. No worries! We will check with you before we come out so we know what is needed. We will get out to your location fast and have your car or truck off the road in no time. We offer a wide range of services to our customers, because we know these services are ones they have come to expect from their tow truck service. Those services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Snow storm tow truck
  • Minneapolis Tow Truck

Getting to you fast and helping you fast is our top priority as the best tow truck company in the midwest . Often, when you are stuck with your car, it is in a dangerous situation. It may be below freezing outside so it is not safe for you to be in a disable vehicle for long periods of time. You may be in traffic or partially in traffic; then you are at risk of being badly hit by another vehicle before we arrive. You may be in a dangerous part of town where the safest thing to do is lock all the doors and roll up all the windows. Every minute counts from the time we receive your call until the time you and your vehicle are safely out of the danger zone.

Flatbed Towing Service
Not all tow truck companies have the resources of flatbed trucks within their fleet. We have these, so we can be a reliable company for you and your family. We don’t want you to have to call around for a tow truck company that is right for you in a time of desperation. We want that first call to be to us and to be your only call.

Winch & Recovery Service Tow Truck
If your vehicle is stuck in uneven pavement that can cause a loss of traction, mud, sand, snow, on a small parking barrier, or something like this we provide you with a winch & recovery service. It can be a very stressful time for you when your car or truck is trapped in any one of these situations. Try to remain calm and call us right of way so and We will come pull you out and get you back on the road again . The car or truck generally has to be less than 100 feet from a paved surface.

There is some helpful information you can provide us with, when you call in to report you are in these situations:

  • Where is your vehicle stuck? Address or at least the nearest cross streets or highway
  • Are you near the car or truck? If not, how far away are you and where is the vehicle in relation to yourself! where are you stranded down the highway or road?
  • How far is the car or truck from the paved surface? Providing an estimate in feet or yards is helpful.
  • Are the tires touching the surface? If so, which ones?
  • What caused you to get stuck? Did you slide into a ditch, are you pulled off to the side of the road?
  • What are the conditions? Is it muddy or did the care just lose traction?
  • Will you require a tow as well or do you just need to be unstuck and you think the car or truck will be fine once that is done?

Car or Truck Recovery Company

Not all tow truck companies have the capacity to recover car or trucks. At our Towing Company we do is one of many reasons we are the best car/truck recovery service! Recovery is normally when the car or truck is not easily accessed and cannot be removed by simply rolling it away attached to a tow truck. An example of a car or truck recovery is if your car or truck is overturned and has to be turned upright before it can be taken away.

Roadside Services Assistance

Sometimes you need a little help and you can drive off with your car without a tow being necessary. Maybe you do not need a tow, but appreciate our services. Some of the services we offer with roadside service include but are not limited to the following: auto lockouts, automobile jump starts, mobile car battery replacement, and mobile tire change & repair.

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Motorcycle Transport and Recovery

At this towing company, our tow trucks are out fitted to be able to tow your motorcycle. So give us a call if you are stranded on the side of the road on your hog or even if you are stranded in your driveway. We are ready!

​At Minneapolis Towing Company we provide a wide variety of services for just about any roadside car or truck problems. When you are looking for a reliable service that will get to you yesterday, we are just a phone call away!

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